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This website gets lots of queries from people wanting to find out about their ancestors. Records and Indices only go so far so information on graves then becomes very useful. This page gives information about graves, monuments and tombstones in Strathblane graveyard. In time it will get added to and improved. If you can help with this then please contact us. One project that would be great would be to photograph all the stones and transcribe them and put this information in a searchable database.

We obtained this plan from a photocopy of a book from 1969 when a survey was undertaken. We don't know what book it was or if it is copyright but decided to add it anyway. If you can help in identifying it so that we can obtain permission, please let us know. The plan is given below -
The survey also transcribed the information on the tombstones - Strathblane Graveyard 1969 Survey

A more recent survey was performed in 200x but unfortunately the authors never published the information, nor will they let it be reproduced here. It can be found in Strathblane Library or alternatively, contact us and we will look up information for you.

In 1886, local historian John Guthrie Smith documented the graveyard in his book "The Parish of Strathblane" It is available to download online

There is some other information on the Scottish War Graves website and also at the commercial Memento Mori website.