The Blane Valley Carbon Neutral Group worked from 2007-2011 to reduce StrathBlanefield's carbon output.

From an initial group of interested local people, we built up considerable knowledge and expertise and ran numerous events and projects, making a good impact locally.

Reducing local carbon usage further requires big projects and time which even our group of enthusiastic volunteers can't sustain but we continue to spread the word, work in our own ways and hope that others will be able to take forward our work towards the ultimate goal of a carbon neutral Blane Valley.

Our last project was to commission a feasibility study to see if StrathBlanefield could sustain its own electricity usage with its own resources (wind, water, sun). The Report makes very interesting reading and emphasises that we all use too much electricity and must still cut usage considerably.

Our largest project was to offer a programme of advice and assistance for villagers to reduce their energy usage. Our work resulted in 244 tonnes of carbon per year which is about 40 homes worth or over 3% of Strathblane's output. More details can be found in the Final Report

In October 2008 we held an Energy Efficiency Fair, aimed at all the family, with a fun room, an exhibition hall and a series of visiting speakers. The built-in school project produced one video ("The Power Show") which was shown throughout the day, and another was filmed and produced by us which you can view below -

Before this, in September 2008 we held an "Energy Debate" where energy expert Blair Armstrong presented the energy position in Scotland and we had an excellent discussion about the problems. You can see a video of the presentation below -

We can still offer free local expert advice in both composting and energy reduction. Please email us if you are interested in this.

We still maintain a useful Joined Up Timetable so that you can easily work out how to get the bus/train to Glasgow

We also maintain a list of where to recycle locally

And we also offer locals energy efficiency and composting advice.

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