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Our first sight of the Fire location in 2008.   Jenny Nimlin put us in touch with Tom McGuinness (left forefront) who, with Jack Williamson, led us to the site.   While looking for the base of the Fire, we unearthed a sandstone slab which was buried under the turf and which must have been laid there many years before to mark the spot.

From left to right:

Jack Williamson (back), Tom McGuinness, Willie Grieve, David Graham, Iain Grieve


The site as it is in 2011 with a temporary marker of the original sandstone slab & a short description of the Fire's history staked in front. This rudimentary marker has attracted remarkable interest in the site from local and long-distance walkers and cyclists.

The forest plantation which stretched up Carbeth hill behind the site and along the ridge was harvested in 2009.   The landowner, Duncan McFarlane, kindly left some trees to maintain the 'spirit' of the firesite.



Fire Reunion for the Glasgow Herald Article Photoshoot - 7th December 2011

We had a historic re-lighting of the Fire for the Herald photo-shoot on 7th December with members of the Creagh Dhu, Lomond and Milngavie Mountaineering Clubs present.   After some sleet showers at the start of the day, the weather was kind to us and we had a successful photo-shoot.   We set the resident sandstone slab on two large logs to provide a rather superior seat for Fire-sitters! Firewood was back-packed in from a variety of sources, including driftwood from the beaches at Dunure where Jock Nimlin used to prospect for agates....



Photos above  (left to right):

Jack Williamson, Hugh Currie (Creagh Dhu), Derek Hall & Alan Carr (Milngavie Mountaineering Club), Tom McGuinness (Lomond) and John Cullen (Creagh Dhu).




We were also joined by Duncan MacFarlane, the landowner (far right). Richard Baynes (President, Lomond MC & journalist) is second from left, speaking to Willie Grieve.


Tom McGuinness and John Cullen reflecting on times past.....


Enjoying the last of the flames....... (Willie & Iain Grieve)

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