About Us

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Who are we?

We're a small group of three - Iain Grieve, Willie Grieve & David Campbell.

Willie & I are the sons of an original Firesitter and Weekender, Professor Sir Robert (Bob) Grieve from Maryhill, Glasgow who devoted his professional career to bettering the living conditions of Scots people, particularly those who were less able to speak for themselves, and protecting our environment.

David owns a company which designs and installs interpretive installations in such places as museums and heritage sites.  He has contributed that expertise and a great deal of time free of charge.

As we researched the history of the Craigallian Fire, we realised its unique importance in the development of Scotland's outdoor movement and how few were the people who knew anything about it.  It is a piece of our heritage that was clearly in danger of being lost forever.  Those people and organisations who did know its significance were clear that the site should be marked so that's what we have done!